teAch me hOw 2 stUdy

I just love this video. You will want to sing along with it! After viewing, please comment about the ideas expressed in the lyrics, or share your answers to these 2 quick questions . . .

1. Have you ever been taught how to study effectively?

2. What best describes your studying technique?

a.        Read and make notes as you go                        Yes / No
b.        Read and make notes, then summarise notes       Yes / No
c.        Read and highlight, then reread and make notes   Yes / No
d.        Other _________________________________________

Have you ever asked a teacher,  ‘Can you teach me how to study?’ Knowing you don’t know (how to study) is the first step to finding a better way.

The rap repeats ‘Will you teach me how to study?’ Educator, Nina Sunday says ‘Yes, I can teach you how to study.’

Thanks for stopping by. I invite your comments.

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