Can Students Study While Watching TV And Remember Stuff?

If you were working on your computer with the TV in the background, can you estimate the number of times you would switch attention between the two?

Are you likely to switch attention:
i)                   17 times
ii)                  57 times
iii)                120 times

Researchers at Boston College observed the attention of students who interacted with a computer while a TV was on in the background.  These students estimated they would switch attention only 17 times in 27.5 minutes. But in fact, they switched attention 120 times; that’s more than 4 times per minute.

How much multitasking do we think we’re doing when studying and how much are we actually doing?

Can this affect our memory of what we are studying?

Should we practice focused attention when reading to remember (studying) rather than continuous partial attention where we are monitoring more than one information or media source?

Here’s the link to the full article < >

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