Getting ready for University or College

Starting University or College is a big change from school and marks an important milestone in your life. Here are some tips to make this transition stress free.

1.    Visit the web site. Minimise uncertainty by reading up on your chosen course and about student life. Find out what support is offered.

2.    Get involved. Go to Orientation Week and attend welcome lectures. Consider joining a club or activity group; it’s an essential element to your university experience. Become familiar with campus layout and location of lecture halls so on day one you can easily find your way. Get your student ID card.

3.    View the booklist and get your prescribed textbooks and materials early. Perhaps there’s an option to purchase second-hand.  Before the first lecture, scan the Table of Contents and opening chapters so you are familiar with key concepts and terminology.

4.    Find out your timetable and adjust outside commitments (e.g. part-time work, sport) to match.

5.    Who do you know has been to Uni or TAFE before? Ask them for their tips on how to settle into student life.

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