What Is The Worst Room In Your Home To Study?


Do you fall asleep when studying?  During study, do you feel lonely or isolated or get easily distracted? Do you study in your bedroom?

Your brain associates your bedroom with sleeping. While it may be quiet and set up for study, it may actually be too quiet and too isolated.

What other peaceful place may be more productive? Here are two suggestions:Kitchen or Dining room table
The kitchen or dining room table is often out of the way from the rest of the family without being isolated.  The table allows you to spread stuff out.
omeone occasionally enters your space, you can make it a productive microbreak rather than a distraction. And when you pack up your things, you feel good, knowing you’ve done your study time and can now relax.

Public library
There’s something reassuring and motivating about being surrounded by others engaged in quiet reading or study. While concentrating on your work, you feel a certain camaraderie. It’s passive socialising.

Locate a peaceful area in your house other than your bedroom and trial that as your study area.

I welcome your comments. Tell us where you study and whether you’ve considered if it’s the most productive area to work.

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