Is Facebook Wrecking Your Grades?

Are you on Facebook when you should be studying?

A new survey reveals that top students have quit Facebook or limit how much time they spend on social networking sites.

A survey of 219 students from Ohio State University compared how many hours they studied each week, how much time they spent online and and their grade point average.

Facebook users gained 20% lower grades and studied only 1-5 hours per week, compared with non-Facebook users who studied 11-15 hours per week .

If you want better grades, reduce the amount of time on Facebook and study instead.

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2 Responses to Is Facebook Wrecking Your Grades?

  1. Keith says:

    This is great! i agree with these ideas and swapped my password with a close friend so i havent been able to access facebook leading up to and during my HSC trials. I already feel I have got twice as much study done than what i ussually would and went into these exams alot more confident and prepared. Facebook was my addiction and by eliminating it i feel i went alot better in these exams then previous ones.

  2. Cool stude says:

    – I’m now in year 12, avoided doing too much study before, but now it’s come to this…if I want to get into medicine i have to:

    – uninstall all my games

    -study at LEAST two hours a night

    – homework, start THE DAY I GET IT

    – assignments, start THE DAY I GET THEM

    – as soon as I arrive home, before I change, eat, do anything, I have to sit down and start homework

    – do assignments on my mums laptop. She only has firefox, word and her programs. That way I won’t be distracted with facebook, games, youtube, forums, msn, web hopping, wikipedia, ebay, which are all on my laptop.

    Just two hours a night and I’ll make it a habit. To get to med school I have to do the work before anything else.

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