Practice Past Exam Papers

Practice Past Exam Questions

What smart students do leading up to final exams is to practice retrieval using past exam papers.

By doing past papers, you are self-testing; finding out what you know and what you don’t know. You can then study up in those areas you are weak, to fill in your knowledge gaps.

If you are unsure where to locate past exam papers, ask your lecturer, teacher or librarian.

How to self-test using past exam papers

Without referring to your notes, answer past exam papers. Then grade your answers by cross-referencing with your notes or the textbook. Study those areas you don’t know, as indicated by your test answers.

If you can set the same time limit as in the exam, even better.

Completing this cycle, you’ll notice a pattern in the style of questions asked. Your answer can then be tailored to the exam question you get.

You are also replicating the conditions of the exam itself, so that on the day you’ll remain calm and confident.

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