An easy way to get started with the 8-step study method

Book GraphicHere’s an easy way into the 8-Step Study Method, (click on link to view on Amazon )

1. Get ready with a textbook, a notebook and some coloured biros (at least two different colours), or a pencil and eraser.

2. Select some text you have to read, make notes and remember. It might be a chapter or if the chapter is long, part of a chapter; perhaps 2-3 pages, a ‘manageable chunk’.

3. Open to page xi in the book, Brainpower Smart Study – ‘A first look at the Brainpower Smart Study 8-step Method’.

Read about Step 1.
Then follow instructions for Step 1 in your part chapter of your textbook.

Read about Step 2.
Then follow instructions for Step 2.

And so on through all 8 steps, to the end of page xii.

Refer to the wheel diagram on page x as you go.

Should only take you 30 minutes or so.

There, you have the method!


Repeat with each part chapter you need to study.

For a full explanation of each step, and why it matches recent discoveries in neuroscience, read the rest of the book, Chapters 1-9.

Read a chapter while following instructions in your reading material.
Read the next chapter, following instructions in your reading material.

Chapters 10 – 17 are additional information about:

  • best timing for regular review
  • using mnemonics (memory aids)
  • memory mapping, etc.

Chapter 15 suggests to teach someone else the method.
That’s a good idea. Pass it on.

Email me about how you get on and how many people you’ve introduced to the 8-Step Method.

Feel free to adapt, change, revise, and apply the method in different ways.


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