About Nina

Students need a how-to-study method, like a cook follows a recipe. But there’s not much choice of total study methods for students to follow.

Traditionally, teachers focus on teaching content rather than process. But learning to learn is the one skill every student must know.

And an effective study method is the difference between pass or fail.

Now at last I’ve written a study method of 8 easy-to-follow steps in my new book, ‘Brainpower Smart Study’, to be released in July 2011.  It will be available from Amazon.com and from this website.

It’s an easy read of 60 pages and fully illustrated in colour. And the study procedure described is tested and proven over two decades, as taught in our High Performance Memory live workshops.

Many students have reported better grades as a result of following this method.

Why I do it

Until now this information on how to study was available only through attending our live workshops and training DVDs. Now in this book you’ll discover a total step-by-step process.

It’s easy, it works if you apply all eight steps and it’s a study method based on evidence-based neuroscience and how the brain works.

Do you

  • find study boring?
  • get drowsy while studying?
  • find it hard to focus and pay attention?

If you said ‘yes’, this book shows you how to learn so you remember more for longer.

Most students simply read and make notes. Only at the moment of truth – the examination – do they realise what they don’t know.

Who I am

My name is Nina Sunday and I’ve been involved in adult learning since a student at University.

While studying for my Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education at Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia, I attended a speed reading and learning course. My aptitude for the skills led to my being invited to train to become a part-time instructor.  And because I was now a speed reader with better studying techniques, I studied more effectively, my grades improved.

Being so involved instructing speed reading and study skills, I actually spent less time studying, yet I jumped one grade higher in exams. I went from a Pass/Credit average to gaining Distinction!

After gaining my teaching qualification I devoted myself to high school teaching, first at Caloundra High School, Queensland, then various Sydney High Schools in New South Wales, Australia.

But a semi-professional interest in the performing arts and cinematography led me to leave teaching to study three years full-time at the prestigious Australian, Film, TV and Radio school (AFTRS). Being a full-time student again, I returned to instructing speed reading and learning part-time.

Interestingly, there had been advances in neuroscience about how the brain works.  I became fascinated with understanding how the brain responds when speed reading and remembering.

After graduating from Filmschool I gained a dream job at ABC Television in Sydney working on award-winning programs (‘The Investigators’, ‘Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical’ and ‘Playschool’).

But I missed seeing the lights go on in people’s heads, teaching people to speed read and how to learn faster, better, easier.

Evenings I trialled my innovations in speed reading and how-to-study based on my 10 years of real life observation as an instructor. I also incorporated brain-based Accelerative Learning methods that include fun, colour, music, interaction, self-discovery and multi-sensory learning styles (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic).

In 1990 I took the plunge, left the security of a full-time job and founded Brainpower Training. New and improved Speed Reading and High Performance Memory training was now available for staff in the workplace.  My training business took off like wildfire.

The prestigious Australian Institute of Training and Development awarded me an Innovation in Learning award for our Speed Reading workshop.

Our topic range expanded to include other efficiency, productivity and people skills topics such as Time Management, Customer Service, Business Communication, Business Writing, Presentation Skills, and so on. (I’m a speed reader, so I can read and research five or six books in the same time an average person takes to read one! And speed reading enhances memory too, so I have a photographic memory of what I read as well.)

I recently authored five training videos including ‘Speed Reading’ and ‘Super Memory’ (which can be purchased soon from this website.)