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How Long Should You Study In One Sitting?

This video refers to a theme I explore in my new book, Brainpower Smart Study. The amount of time your brain can stay absorbed performing mental tasks and learning is around fifty minutes for some, even less for others. A … Continue reading

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When you study, do you output as well as input?

Hollywood is remaking the classic 1986 movie, ‘Short Circuit’, about a robot called Number 5. When speed reading, the robot declares  ‘Need input . . . more input, more input!’ (at 0.53). Input Input is the action of entering information. Reading … Continue reading

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When reading during study I recommend marking important points in the margins with a pencil tick or highlighting keywords. Adding margin notes or marginalia while reading is called ‘active reading’.  It keeps you more mentally alert. (Some students even seek … Continue reading

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teAch me hOw 2 stUdy

I just love this video. You will want to sing along with it! After viewing, please comment about the ideas expressed in the lyrics, or share your answers to these 2 quick questions . . . 1. Have you ever … Continue reading

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