School Workshops

Nina-Mtn-CkSchool workshops in east coast Australia:

– Smart Study
3 hours or 1 hour
– Speed Reading
– 1 day ( 8.30 am – 4 pm)

Smart Study
Organise a 3-hour ‘Smart Study’ workshop or full day Speed Reading program with students at your school.

Aimed at years 10 – 12, we can accommodate any group size from 20 – 100 . . . or as many fit comfortably in your auditorium or hall.

Nina Sunday, or one of her accredited speakers, discusses how students currently study, explores what might be missing in their study technique and discover ways to improve how to study.

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Not just a bunch of study tips; this is a whole-approach to studying.

Visual Des Element 1The session takes students step by step through the 8-step method, so when they study it’s more effective and they remember more for longer.

We also play a memory game that illustrates how memory works.


Program Outline

• The Brainpower Smart Study 8-step study method to use for more effective study

• Compare this new method with the approach they currently use

• Play a Memory Game to discover how memory works

• Apply the Testing Effect and Active Review principles to overcome forgetting and remember more for longer

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Smart Study

If your school orders 50+ copies of the book, ‘Brainpower Smart Study’ @ $27 AUD each, it includes one 3-hour workshop at a mutually convenient date. The workshop can either be to your students whether a small group or whole school event, or to teachers only as in-service training. 

After the introductory session:

Keep the books as a teacher resource to use. Year after year, using our Lesson Plan and PowerPoint slideshow, your teachers can introduce next year’s students to the 8-step method. Kindle eBook downloads also available to students.

We encourage one or more teachers be nominated to sit in on the workshop so in subsequent years they can deliver the same workshop.

Travel within Australia: If outside metropolitan Sydney, Australia, may include car travel or air travel in addition, depending on location and date. (Ask about Nina Sunday’s travel schedule; she may be in your state – or country – in the near future.)

Speed Reading one-day workshop

Ask us about scheduling a one-day Speed Reading workshop at your school like Freshwater High School, Sydney. Here’s a page from their school newsletter.








What do School Principals say after a 3-hour introduction to the Brainpower Smart Study 8-step method with their students?

‘The session was full of self-testing, discussion groups and memory mapping. These proactive strategies allowed students to apply them
in a practical manner with instantaneous results. This amazed students.

Nina Sunday’s 8-step method demonstrated and reminded students how they can be in charge of their learning and retention of information.’

Cheryl McMahon, Executive Principal, Mountain Creek High School, Queensland, October 2013.

What do students say after attending a 3-hour introduction to the Brainpower Smart Study 8-step method?

‘Surprisingly helpful and actually worked! Thought I had my study method, but this seems like it works better.’ Beth.

‘Amazing!!! Very helpful, thank you! ‘The method at first seems time consuming, but it is more effective and a better investment for later – so I end up saving time before exams.’ Fay.

‘Loved it. Helped me so much, and so glad we had this seminar.’ Tarson

‘It was really eye opening and it actually works! I loved it.’ Tara

‘Very interesting and well laid out. Surprisingly effective techniques and fun activities.’ Adam

‘It was interesting and very inspiring to study and develop my study technique’ Katelyn

‘Very helpful, yet easy way to study properly for exams.’ George

‘This is a worthwhile study method, which has attempted to incorporate methods for all types of learners; visual, kinaesthetic etc.’ Jack

‘It was an interesting method to learn, and easy to apply to my studying. Thanks!’ Manon

‘I will definitely apply this to my study plan. ‘Surprisingly helpful, definitely think it will help with my study habits for my school work.’ Brooke

‘Very insightful and fantastic knowledge from an industry professional, great skills learnt.’ Harry

‘Very informative and helpful. Loved the ideas for study techniques.’

‘It was a new, interesting, clever way to study. I can already see results.’ Laka

‘Learnt a great new study method. Hope to incorporate it into my learning. Hopefully it is not too late.’ Tal

‘Very helpful practical suggestions that I will definitely employ for future use.’

‘It has been a great time and I learnt some new strategies and methods in order to train my memory/brain.’ Yannick

‘Great session – easy to follow steps with amazing results.’ Josie

‘It was well structures and included everyone. It was great to learn some last minute tips.’ Jon

Other resources for students: